Saturday, June 28, 2008

WARNING! Child-eating monster on the loose!!!

Well, reading several of the most recent blogs which were more about babies and toddlers than anything else, someone might get the idea that JooYeon and I were on the verge of deciding to have children. And if that same someone were to see the following picture of JooYeon having bought several pieces of infant clothing (shown below), their idea might turn into a rumor.

And then if that someone would see some even more pictures of cute children like the ones below (back at Justin and Angie's), that rumor might to develop into substantiated hearsay.

But fret not all ye rumorseekers and hearsayonians! There's just a little too much wildness yet in these here veins that needs to course its way out before we have us some young 'uns - seriously - don't you think I'm EXUDING wildness in this picture?

So, I think I'll maintain my current role in the perfect family structure... the kind husband, hospitable wife, one boy, one girl, two dogs, and the crazy uncle (that's me!)

This time around, at Justin and Angie's, JooYeon and I went hiking in a state park with Justin explaining to JooYeon what communism was and aspects of our life together in the Castle of Neverwoo (and how the two topics were inextricably linked)...


  1. I had the same experience when first starting to cut Ben's hair. There were lots of ooppses.

  2. beware, I had the same problem cutting Dennis' hair and now 39 years later he doesn't have hair.