Saturday, March 30, 2013

Here come Jusu and her crew!

The laughter (and tears) of our household have multiplied with the coming of JooYeon's sister and her two children for three months.

Daniel after an interesting day of professional development.


Cousin TaeGeom...

Ellie delivering her conclusion to a political speech.

And the subsequent mudslinging.

TaeGeom's new house.

Hyerin is three months younger than her cousin Ellie.

And Jusu...

Abraham Lincoln visits.

Ellie loves peeking around things.

TaeGeom shows Samantha his behavior chart.

Ben attempts to read a Korean storybook.

Easter egg hunt.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rubber ducky, you're the one

My last semester of coursework in the PhD program before I begin my dissertation... any blog time translates directly into "not with Ellie" time, so I'll keep this quick!

At nine months old now, she's got three teeth, is eating real solids (not just mashed ones), and just started to crawl this week.

She's still amenable to taking places like coffee shops and restaurants, although I'm not sure how the crawling will affect things. She rarely cries in public; the only thing that gives us reason to pause is her Da Da Crescendo that our table neighbors can interpret as annoying or cute depending on who they are.

Of course, speaking of annoying, poor Ellie has to endure my singing in increasing portions...

Grandma and Grandpa have maintained their frequent visits...

 including morning massages...

and makeup sessions... (it's really prunes)

"Why don't you eat your own vegetables, Dad?"

Grandma has given JooYeon ideas for alternative bathtimes.

Ellie loves her ladybug star nightlight and sleeps with it every night.

Ellie's friend Shi-yu had her first birthday recently and invited us to celebrate.

A special treat for Ellie, Mommy, Daddy, (and hopefully Grandma and Grandpa) was a several day trip up north for a few days while Daddy tried to catch up on work around midterms week.

Our house has now doubled in size (JooYeon's sister Jusu and her two little ones are with us for awhile); more on that in the next entry.