Thursday, June 26, 2008

Herds of Showalters!

The Showalter Reunion of Harrisonburg, Virginia was my first one in at least 15 years and so, for once, JooYeon knew about as many people as I did (thanks to her crystal-clear memory of all the names of my Dad's family from the previous day's ceremony). It was well attended by around 100 people (uncle Warren didn't make it). Dad was helping to head up the reunion so he put JooYeon and I in charge of entertaining the 6-12 year olds. There were only four - Jacob, Meredith, Claire, and Ellie (see "The Final Wedding").

We first "entertained" them by having them squat for as long as possible while we ate our lunches.
And then we "entertained" them by having them stand on one foot and touch their nose for as long as possible. They probably could have done it a lot longer except for the appearance of a mysterious man in a green shirt who hopped into them and bumped them over like dominoes (my dad).
By that time we were finished eating and they were ready to play some real games so we started with a traditional Korean game with wooden sticks and progressed to a superman version of hide and seek.

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