Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Amish and some Goats

Philly also turned out to be much better the second time around (the first time we were pressured by trying to find the ideal places to take her family), and yet the fact that the favorite summertime game in Philly is to sit on the backporch in the evening and play "Gun shot or firework?" should allow the reader to understand why it was also nice to get out into the Pennsylvania countryside for some fresh air. Arriving at my Aunt Deb's house, JooYeon got in some translation time out on the deck (her work environment has improved considerably since the 14 hour days in a cramped cubicle with the eyes of her demanding boss burning a hole in her head). We watched the Amish pass in their buggies as we savored the cool summer breeze.

Taking a walk in the backyard, we were soon surrounded by half-midget goats. Uncle Herb had rescued one by the side of the road as he was driving his semi, another had wandered into the yard after being kicked out of a nearby farm. Those two became an Adam and Eve, producing an entire swarm of goats for the farm (herd? clan?). I don't remember all the names but the baby white one is Svetlana and the "Adam" figure who is a bit polygamous is Elvis.

From Deb and Herb's, we hit up a thrift store, and then progressed to Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Merv's house, where we also got to see my cousin Geoff and his wife Jen. Merv is famous for his stories and was by no means disappointing this time... people say that it's hard to tell when I'm kidding, but Merv is ten times harder. Do you want to take the Uncle Merv quiz? Here are a handful of stories he told this time around... which ones do you think are true?
1) Porpoises sleep with half of their brain so that the other half can be awake... if they were to sleep with their entire brain at one time, they would drown.
2) Harrison Ford is in his 70's.
3) There is a country where the new bride, after marriage, must live with the husband's family for a year. If the mother-in-law does not approve of her, it is the mother-in-law's job to make sure that the bride does not survive the first year, and kills her off through poisoning or other subtle methods. If the bride survives the first year, she is welcomed happily into the family.

Unfortunately, despite all the wonderful stories, I only captured one picture of the back of Merv and Marilyn. This doesn't mean they're any less valuable than the goats I snapped six pictures of, simply a coincidence. The building is an old Mennonite meetinghouse from 150 years ago.

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  1. I think the Porpoise story must be true. I mean how else can the sleep under water, really. :)