Friday, June 20, 2008

Grace-full pooping

Rounding out the Mennonite circuit of West Liberty and Lancaster, we drove down to Harrisonburg, Virginia to spend some time with old friends and my dad's family. The engine light popped on a half hour before the Burg,...Rocky, our car we inherited from Heather, has just flipped 160,000 miles and seems to be hanging on, but I had my friend Diron check it out anyway. I'm not sure if he saw anything, but his head scratch looked as good as a professional mechanic's.

The 3 Trost boys, childhood friends, had been busy in recent years producing a total of five children. Here's the oldest, Matt, with his son Zachary...

And the youngest, Diron, with his son Colin...

The middle Trost, Ben, his wife Lori, and their two children will appear more in a future post since we stayed with them for a couple days and formed a lot of good memories. With great care to avoid putting the kids in danger, and yet a fierce but fun competitiveness, we engaged in a no-holds-barred round of croquet. The Trosts and I were so busy going after each other that JooYeon, in her debut croquet match, was able to emerge victorious.

Adding to her glories of the evening, JooYeon formed a dear friend in Ben and Lori's daughter Grace. Grace was quite verbal for her three years of age (or four, depending on who you asked). JooYeon thought she knew what she was in for when Grace asked her to take her potty (see the archive entitled "Potty Time"), but she was naively unaware of Grace's wily ways. Grace claimed to need to go "Number 2", but after 20 minutes of sitting on the toilet talking to JooYeon, Lori went in and found out Grace had just made up a story about the bathroom to steal JooYeon's attention! In any case, Korean parents tend not to let other people play with their kids, so JooYeon loved the opportunity to spend some time with the girls.

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