Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From zero to five in 3 months!

If you've been reading the blog, or if you check the archives, you'll know that JooYeon had never jogged before coming to America and that in Arizona we started with a 7 minute jog and had added a minute a day until we were at a half hour. So when Larney mentioned that his brother Ronald and his wife were running a 5-mile race in Lancaster, we decided it would be fun to attempt it also.

JooYeon had just lost a leg so she had some pre-race jitters, but she found it near the one mile mark and was able to pick up the pace. :)

As it was a last minute decision (and more importantly, we're on a tight budget), we slipped anonymously into the crowd of runners without actually registering. Prior to the run, JooYeon had never jogged more than 10 minutes continuously without a stop, but in the actual race she managed to hold a nice pace for the first 15 minutes before walking briefly.

It was beautiful weather for a run, and nice scenery as well, ranging from 200 year old historic brick buildings to a reflective stretch through a park, and even a crazy man who scared JooYeon by telling us we had much further left to go than was actually true. :)

All in all, we jogged a good 90% of the race and finished in 68 minutes (well, actually about 67 minutes and 40 seconds, but since we had to veer off into the spectators right before the finish chute due to our non-registration, we assumed it would've been about another 20). I then gave JooYeon the piggyback I had promised during the last mile and she was soon wrapped safe and sound in the van like a mummy- her first race ever a big success!

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