Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Potty Time!

My good friend Justin had actually come out to visit when I was in Korea and just starting to date JooYeon so it was refreshing for her to see a familiar face (after she's graciously been drug around to meet hundreds of new faces in the past two months... incidentally, Joo just looked through all the wedding guest pictures with me and unbelievably remembered about 95% of the names first and LAST after hearing them just one time a few weeks ago!)

So we went out to spend an evening with Justin and his wife Angie. We also really enjoyed playing with their children, Addison and Clay, which inched us SLIGHTLY closer to thinking about considering about maybe having children some day (they were really cute).

Justin had just started eating on his own without assistance so that was cute too (but extra work for Angie).

The funniest part of the evening was when Joo was alone inside with Addy and Addy said, "I want to potty, I want to potty!" JooYeon didn't know what "potty" meant, but it's the Korean way of pronouncing "party" and so JooYeon started to play along like they were having an imaginary party. Then Addy started looking urgent and taking off her clothes which confused Joo quite a bit, especially as she started dragging Joo towards the bathroom. Joo ran outside quick and asked me about it so we quickly figured it out and Joo learned a new slang word :)

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