Saturday, January 7, 2017

Catching Up II

The last blog post brought us up through most of 2015, but here is the end of 2015 and most of 2016 in a single blog post.

My favorite place to take the girls shopping is Costco -- free samples in abundance and the double wide shopping cart make it a delight!

Making homemade apple cider with a press.

We spent our first few months in Harrisonburg cruising the various playgrounds until we settled on our top four or so.

And, of course, the library!

EMU students lined up to do trick-or-treating in the dorms.

Deep thoughts among the pebbles...

Sisters forever!

Our neighbor boy, Noah.

Getting our first ever Christmas tree (2015)

Ellie's lego creations continue to get increasingly elaborate. Katie has established herself as "the wall expert" and she gladly builds us Lego walls to any height we desire.

Jamie teaching us some advanced paper mache skills.

Mey's wedding... a festive affair!

That hurt the next day.

Ms. Han; one of our first close Korean contacts here in town.

Another friendly game of Hide and pretend to seek...

My old travelling bud Wes and his fiancee (now wife) Teresa.

JooYeon and the girls went out to visit her sister Jusu in Oregon for awhile.

Delighted to have all three of my girls back (that includes JooYeon!) after their visit to Oregon.