Saturday, April 26, 2008


With an easy hour-long push ahead from Colorado Springs, we reached the Denver residence of some old friends from West Liberty, Laban, Katie, and Chris. Of course one of the first things we absolutely had to do was to teach them Go Stop, introduce them to face masks, and flood them with the neti pot!

With the Korean karaoke culture deeply embedded within us, we participated in a public singing in Boulder and a private singing with Chris...

We spent a day in Boulder, Colorado, which became an official second option to add to our list of potential places to live (Arizona being the first). It was a comfortable, athletic, eco-friendly environment, but it certainly wasn't the cheapest place.

Returning to the Denver house for another night, we met Laban and Katie's two girls, Penelope (Poppy) and Ivy. While we were playing with them, the electricity went out and JooYeon kept Poppy occupied by taking pictures of her colorful toenails (see "the Showalter Clan"). Chris, on the other hand, did some kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine...

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