Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Arizona Addiction

One month ago, Arizona was one of the only 50 states I had never gotten around to visiting. Now, after some beautiful times with family, and especially with Heather, JooYeon and I have placed it very high on our list of possible places to live (which incidentally is a significant purpose of our current road trip.) Today is our last day here, but I'll show a couple of the highlights we had with Heather in the past couple weeks (for family highlights, see "Showalter Clan"!) First, there was the green grass which both JooYeon and I were elated to walk upon...

In order to outlet this exuberation, we chose the nearest huggable thing around. I chose a crazy person while Joo opted for a more tingly object.

JooYeon also enjoyed shopping with Heather, although our travel budget just has enough room for the driving gas, not for any actual purchases. But most of all, we just enjoyed sitting around the fireplace (shown below with Diane) to warm up from the bitter cold weather Arizona is so famous for :) And opening coconuts.

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