Thursday, April 24, 2008

Desert Campout

One frequent life experience I had not yet shared with Joo was the campout. And so, when we arrived into New Mexico as the sun was setting, we thought, "What better place could there be for a first campout?!" Heather had given me supplies and I talked with a Native American who let us pitch a tent near the river on his expansive property near the Four Corners. We worked feverishly to get it up while there was still light- since it was a desert campout, we had to clear the place of cacti (we both have remnants of that in our hands), close off the nearby mysterious holes (in case they were rattlesnake holes), and gather dry wood for a fire. When it was complete, JooYeon was delighted, and I was relieved...

After we got the fire started, JooYeon took the initiative of throwing a dry sagebrush in the fire every time I would retrieve something from the car and return... as a sort of welcome which looked scary but cute. She also prepared a romantic candlelight dinner inside the tent for us.

As we were standing around the fire, I noticed something move behind JooYeon's feet. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a scorpion- I carted it far away, but when we were packing up the tent in the morning, we found two more!

The night got a bit cold- fifteen below- but luckily we had more than adequate bedding sent along with us by my dear sister, and so overall it was a huge success!

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