Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Impressions

In order to counteract jet lag, I tried to get some sleep during our 7 hour Beijing layover. Luckily the 25 pounds I had dropped against my will in Korea finally showed a positive side as I comfortably wiggled under the armrests.

Upon arriving in LA, we had to take accomodations in a more ghetto-esque area. This was unfortunate because I really wanted to give Joo a good first impression of the US. After spending a year telling Joo how America was not as dangerous as in the movies, I had to give JooYeon earplugs to cover up the non-stop sound of police and ambulance sirens. She also wondered why I wouldn't let her go outside after 11pm. Therefore (in defense of the video below), I did anything possible to distract her from the surroundings...

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