Thursday, April 24, 2008

Colorado and Rocky

With 155,000 miles on it already, we inherited a 2001 Toyota Camry from my sister in Arizona after she went through the laborious bargaining process with an ever-so-trustworthy car dealer. Zooming through the desert turns of native American reservation land was no problem, but the vast icelands of the Rockies caused our car to begin panting a bit when entered Colorado. Therefore, we christened our car with the name Rocky, because of our intense pride in his ability to survive the mountains.

Our first stop in colorful Colorado (not counting the breaks we took on the downhills of the Rockies to rest Rocky's brakes) was Colorado Springs. No, wait. It was Durango, but there's nothing worth mentioning there, so let's say it was Colorado Springs. We stayed with a former pastor and his family, the Eberlys. Their son Kevin took us to the Garden of the Gods the next morning.

Have I mentioned our morning jogs? JooYeon and I have wanted to begin an exercise routine for over a year now, but the polluted air of Seoul simply wasn't motivating. Finally, when staying with my sister in Arizona, we tried to go out for a jog and made it only a couple minutes before Joo had to walk. All in all, that day we jogged 7 minutes with 4 walks spaced out throughout that time. We slowly increased it a minute per day, and by the time we reached Colorado were up over 20 minutes a day!

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