Monday, May 5, 2008

The Wild Wes

From Colorado, we headed East, we drove through the night (my respect for JooYeon increased even more as she successfully weathered her first car sleep) all the way to the wonderful country of India!

It seemed a lot tamer than when I had been there before with Wes... not so many people either :) I found that all my prior explanations of the midwest (and Indiana in particular) WOULD have been true, except that we stayed with Wes. And Wes is by no means a typical Indianian. Is that what they're called? Anyway, he, his mom Tammy and his dad Craig have organized a philosophy group Monday nights which draws in a very atypical crowd of anarchists, professors, atheists, buddhists, nuns, Mormons, etc.

Wes has been meditating for almost 10 years and his girlfriend Jenny has been doing yoga for about the same time, so they recently decided to combine their interests into the Flow. The Flow is as follows...

5 minutes nasal cleansing

30 minutes yoga

5 minutes vocal cleansing

20 minutes meditation

It was a wonderful experience for JooYeon and me and I hope things work out well for them as they begin to teach the Flow in an actual studio. We also enjoyed activities like the hot tub, a picnic in the woods, Flight of the Concords, vegetarian food that almost certainly had traces of meat, picking out our wedding rings at Craig and Tammy's jewelry store, and general tomfoolery.

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