Thursday, July 12, 2012

Subtle Communications

The fiercesome trio. Obviously, the one in the middle is the only sane one.

Ellie loves her time with Mommy. Here she's saying, "Hey Mom, you remember that time when I came out into the world? Doesn't that seem so long ago??"


 Mostly just to prove that I do still wear clothes on occasion, I went out to Williamsburg, VA to speak at an education conference. It was a tough decision for JooYeon as to whether she should accompany me; she went back and forth on the issue more than the Clash did in the early 80's. In the end, she felt it would be too draining for Ellie to pull off about 1,000 miles in two days so I made a solo trip.

I always get nervous before public speaking and this time was no exception. It definitely took a bit of the buzz off though to know that I had two (well, three sort of) ladies waiting for me at home with open arms.

It ended up going fine, although perhaps the tone was a bit more pessimistic than I would have liked. It was the first time I've spoken to a packed room at a conference (the norm has been more like three or four other people, most of whom are speaking after me).

I gobbled down the buffet lunch, met with an old college friend (Pete Allen) in Richmond, and then jetted back home to the ladies.

This was a touching moment for me. After coming home, I laid down with Ellie a bit. When I got up to leave, she flopped her hand over to catch me as if saying, "No Daddy, don't go again." Of course it was probably random, but isn't it much more to fun to make up stories in our heads when dealing with infants? :)