Sunday, July 29, 2012


Prompted by our loss of electricity a couple weeks back, Ellie has been researching her traditional Mennonite roots, and is working hard to bring about revival within the household (I'm still a bit hesitant, as I'm not sure where we'd put the buggy.)

We've been blessed by an outpouring of gifts for Ellie, including this children's classic and a hand-knitted sweater from my brother-in-law's (Bob's) parents. 

And this crib from my best friend in high school.

We've also enjoyed several visitors recently, including my cousin Louisa and her family. Here, holding Ellie, is my cousin Ellie - one of the inspirations for her name.

Of course, our weekly visitors: Mom, Dad, and Heather. Miss Ellie loves the attention :)

And the "attention" loves her!

My summer teaching with Upward Bound finished up this past weekend with our graduation ceremony. Here are Tony and I, the two math teachers. The students confused us on a regular basis - so much so that I stopped even correcting them when they called me Mr. Xenos at study tables. Looking back over the experience - described by all as the most "interesting" summer in recent memories - I really enjoyed being a part of it and hope to continue next year.

While I was off teaching, Miss Ellie was doing some studying of her own!