Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ellie continues to dominate the scene here in the household. Her grunts and squeaks are getting a bit louder and more frequent. She seems to be putting on some weight too, and is probably up around 7 lb now. Her father is just as "딸바보" as ever (a Korean phrase, whose literal translation is "daughter stupid"). 

I've been getting plenty of sleep, thanks to the three-adult-household. In fact, even JooYeon seems to be getting more into the routine, so that she's not in a sleep-deprived daze all the time.

The grandparents and Aunt Heather continue to check in about once a week. We made our first trip up there, a two-and-a-half hour drive. Ellie seems to be a good traveler; I'm hoping this trend continues so that eventually we can do some family backpacking around the world!!

Here's a shot of the time when Ellie spontaneously started "praying," when Grandpa was holding her. Uncle Bob used it on Facebook to make a wonderful announcement.

So that's of course exciting news! Cousins of the same age. Ellie's already so attached to Baby Harris that she threw a fit when Heather tried to leave.

"Hmmm... maybe if I start feeding, Aunt Heather won't be able to leave... that seems to work with Mommy..."

So, all in all, a peaceful start to Miss Ellie's first six weeks. I hear her grunting over in the other room now, so I think I'll go inspect...


  1. What a good dad and mom you guys are!!! We are watching carefully to learn the tricks of the trade for when Baby Harris arrives! Love you, Aunt Heather and Uncle Bob :)