Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eat, Sleep, Think

Three weeks now with our little 공주님 :) She's probably continuing to grow, although I don't necessarily see it. Nor am I in any rush now that I now she's back up to birth weight so she must be getting Joo's milk. 

Of course, being so tiny, I feel extra protective of her. Luckily, I have some backup firepower too. I pity the future boyfriend who has to make it through these two...

Ellie still sleeps almost all of the time, but must have some pretty vivid dreams. She tends to more animated in her sleep than when she's awake.

With some exceptions of course. Like when Daddy pesters her.

I'm not much for fashion, but it is fun to dress her up in all her cute outfits that friends have given us (I'm pretty sure we haven't had to buy any clothing for her yet).

And so the thinker continues to think. Who knows what's going through her little mind?