Friday, June 8, 2012

JooYeon's at 33 weeks now, although it still seems so far away to me. A good song that's been on my mind: Click Here (just change son to daughter). 

Update: Well, it doesn't seem so far away now. :) Elizabeth (Ellie) Kate Showalter came a few weeks early and is now here with us (smirking in her sleep at me as I type). To avoid being outdated, I'll just comment briefly on the pictures in this post so I can start working on the new one! 

As our Year of the Family enters its twilight hours (our whole family living in Ohio for one year), Heather and Bob treated us to a weekend at a two-century-old restored mill near Yellow Springs, OH. The setting was inspiring and gave us all a wonderful chance to relax and fellowship.

Joo got a little carried away with the bottle, but that's just her style. (it's cherry soda)

Look at those romantic couples! And who is that little red speck waving in the background? :)

We were excited to have the Trosts come through and stay a few days; they made the house feel full of energy and got us ready to have a little girl of our own. Despite it being a "vacation" for them, Ben fixed the mower and mowed the lawn, while Lori prepared a surprise Baby Shower for JooYeon. 

The house felt so empty after they left, but luckily that emptiness would end up being much shorter than expected... (to be continued)

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