Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gifts from the Heart

"You've heard that it was said, 'It's the thought that counts,' but I say unto you, 'It's the sacrifice of time and energy that is an expression of true love.'" Well, maybe that one didn't quite make it into the Sermon on the Mount, but there has surely been some loving going on amidst the Showalter family! 

Let's start with the book that Mom hand-sewed for Ellie...

It was based on an idea she had from books when I was growing up. She chose several pieces of colorful fabric to go with the black-and-white theme that is supposedly easiest for infants to see.

Each page was a creative work of art!

Even some mathematics to start Ellie out early :)

And of course, just in case she should forget who her parents are...

This was in addition to the other gift Mom (and Dad, and Heather and Bob) had prepared a month earlier... a landscaping makeover of our jungle yard. Before and after pictures of that to come, once the "after" is fully established.

Heather, in the meantime, was plotting a secret plan of her own for the past 8 months. She saw someone convert a picture to a counted cross-stitch and contacted the lady, who lives in Virginia. The lady transformed a wedding picture of JooYeon and I into a pattern.

To get the full range of colors, Heather had to amass a collection of 150 different colors of thread!

And slowly, slowly, she plugged away, day by day.

Until it reached the majestic finale! I almost didn't include the picture here on the blog, since it doesn't do it justice at all...

My creative juices have been a bit more dormant (or have they?), but I did manage to work on an art piece for JooYeon during my classes this quarter. Yes, I was paying attention - the drawing helps me to focus on the professor :)