Monday, January 12, 2009

Let not the Rushing Flow of Life Sweep away our Friendships...

As our lives drift by, what happens to those friendships which once used to pump us with daily adrenaline, the soulmates with whom we weathered some of our bitterest storms together, and with whom laughter was so prevalent it was almost a language of its own snorts, giggles, and floor-rolling? One of my personal measures of how successful I am in life is how well I actively preserve these precious bonds, even as the two souls take different paths religiously, politically, and probably most importantly, geographically. So, when I had a chance last week to reunite with my former co-counselor and university roommate, Kyle Miller, I was extremely excited.
During the 7 or 8 year interim since our last meeting, we had both gotten married and so Kendra and Joo joined us to make the reunion complete. We met at Mohican State Park for a nice picnic lunch and hike (much more pleasant than the last time I had been there running my first marathon in subzero freezing winds!)
Even though the main reason I was there was to spend time with Kyle, Kendra, and Joo, I couldn't resist a little nature connection on the edge of some falls. And just in case any future potential insurance providers happen to be reading this blog, I should note that the dropoff is relatively minor and that I was accompanied by a certified RN whose first-aid provisions could have greatly offset the gravity of any falls, thereby reducing any ensuing hospital bills.
Joo, on the other hand, threw caution to the wind and ran across a deep ravine and then lunged onto an ice-covered pond. Bad Joo. :)

Having incurred enough risks for two uninsured youngins for one day (can you believe it would cost us $8,000 a year for health insurance at this point, even though both Joo and I are in great physical shape? If you have benefits at your job... treasure them!!!), we headed off to a nearby cafe where we continued our discussions on life and taught Kyle and Kendra how to play Go Stop. Kyle was unhappy about his cards...

...but once he realized that if one of his "bad" cards were to spontaneously fly up into his eye, he would at least have insurance coverage to pay for most of the surgery, he lightened up considerably and we all had a good time!

The conversations could have gone late into the night, but alas, we both had other places to be and so we said our adieus, confident that at some unknown point in the future, we shall meet again. And until that time, the increasing benefits of technology make it easier and easier to stay part of each other's lives!
P.S. Just as an afterthought, if Mary (my insurance representative) is reading this, I am very grateful for you braving the snow to meet with Joo and me recently. Any shocked references to the American health care system or insurance policies were not in any way directed at you!!! We love you :)

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  1. At least I'm sure you are going to fully appreciate your employer's contribution toward your health insurance coverage once you have it. :) Not everyone does. Mary