Friday, January 2, 2009

Gaga Googoo to Geriatrics

I remember coming back from both my India travels, one of the subtle enjoyments was being able to understand the chatter of children around me again. This was a similar thing in coming back to the U.S. this time also (even if we did understand Spanish fairly well by the end). Justin and Angie's kids, Addison and Clay had grown quite a bit as had their range of conversation. Joo continued to look more and more ready for mothering and we now bring up the subject every week or two as to when we'll start trying to have kids of our own.

Clayton had become quite a bit more social, or maybe he was just starting to feel comfortable around "Uncle Dan" and "Aunt Joo."

We only stayed for one night this time around as I crammed my brain full of large and quasi-useful vocabulary for taking the GREs the next day. Clayton tried to memorize some too, but it seemed like mama and dada were simply easier than soporific or pulchritude.


  1. OK, you didn't get to the geriatrics that when you got to our house??

  2. Ha ha :). Being in your "forever forties" doesn't count as "geriatrics" mom and dad (whichever one of you wrote that) ;). You are too young at heart ~Heather