Friday, September 20, 2013

End of a good summer

The days are flying by now. It took about four months from Ellie's first steps to when she decided she actually enjoyed walking and then another week or so until she preferred to run.

Hiding continues to be a favorite activity of hers as well.

And, of course, time with the grandparents. One of my highlights these days is watching Ellie interact with my parents and seeing all the Love that flows in both directions.

Towards the end of the summer, my great uncle passed away at a ripe age of nearly a century. We attended the funeral up near Cleveland, and then took Ellie to her first ballgame. It was a chance to meet many distant relatives whom I had never met before and we even got a tour of Smiths' Dairy, which is owned by my Dad's cousins.

Ellie had a great time at the game, aside from the moment when a lady tried to take her certificate away (right before the following picture).

After the game, we all enjoyed some shopping in Amish country.

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