Monday, July 22, 2013

The Bliss of Eating

After four years of living in this house, we finally have a table to eat at. Ellie has been the most delighted at this new addition. On days when I don't have to leave the house before I wake up, I love sharing a bowl of cereal with her!

Of course, Ellie sees the concept of a dining table as a rather loose suggestion. She holds a similar view to the concept of putting food in the mouth, as the next few pictures show.

Of course, we don't mind. Our only rule is that she brush her teeth about 30 times a day, a rule to which she gleefully obliges.

Even though I've stayed fairly busy this summer teaching for Upward Bound and helping to run professional development workshops for math teachers, I have had substantially more daddy-daughter time. :) 

The lady pictured below is from the Korean church; she showed up on our doorstep one evening and said she really wanted to build us shelves for the shed out back. That was a welcome event in a series of outdoor renovation projects. As I dove into my PhD studies, the lawn was neglected and grew into a rather unseemly jungle. Thanks to some clearing from a guy named Dale, some floral help from Mom and Dad, and a lawnmower from my friend Derek, we've made significant progress (sorry, nothing pictured here).

 We've done a bit less of "taking Ellie along with us on a date" and a bit more of "taking Ellie to a fun place to hang out" lately.

Mom and Dad continue to come down about once a week for some quality time with Ellie.

Perhaps most importantly, Ellie has slept breast-free for the past two nights (albeit with me in the room sssshhhhing whenever she stirs); this will hopefully continue into a trend that will let JooYeon get refreshed before she starts classes in a couple weeks.

One more bit of good news... I was recently hired by OU as a visiting assistant professor in the math department. It will certainly be nice financially to have the stability of a full-time job after four years of scrapping this and that together in grad school. :)