Saturday, August 25, 2012

Growing girl

Ellie was gracious enough to take a break from her evening novel (above) for another picture. In fact, she's been quite gracious all around, letting us drag her here and there.

For example, she braved the mosquitoes to have a barbecue out at Strouds Run.

It was a rather ironic moment. As we pulled into the parking lot near one of the shelter houses, Joo said, "Hey, isn't that Randy Longenecker?" And it was... just a few feet away!

I've heard that one of the saddest parts of having a little baby is when you realize that a favorite outfit has been outgrown. Over the past few weeks, Ellie has matured past the purple button-up elephant shirt (that carried us past the first couple weeks when we couldn't figure out how to get her head through the neckhole of a tight shirt), a cute pink shirt, and now the frog zip-up (below).

Luckily, her best accessories still have some room to go.

Mom and Dad came down for their weekly visit - Dad got his first shot at the front carrier and Ellie loved it; perhaps even more than his trademark interviews (although it's a toss-up).

Daddy Dan is ready to jump into another semester of classes starting on Monday. Especially after crossing 21 items off of his to do list today. 22 now that the blog is done :)