Friday, August 10, 2012

Shots of faith

Ellie's been digging her new nighttime ritual of being strapped to one of our backs.

I probably mentioned this before, but it's been very interesting to raise a child in a different culture; much different than just experiencing other cultures myself. How much trust should I place in traditions that run counter to my intuition but have been practiced regularly with success for thousands of years on the other side of the world? It's a much larger leap of faith than just eating tarantulas.

But there's no disputing that Ellie loves the carrier; in fact, she even started using one herself for her baby. 

The best part is when you twist the carrier around and finally get to see the results of all the hard work :)

Ellie went in yesterday for her 2-month vaccinations. Based on a friend's recommendation, and knowing JooYeon's tendency to play flashbacks in her mind, I had her stay out in the waiting room. From a practical standpoint, it was fairly routine. From an empathetic standpoint, it was torture - wondering if Ellie felt betrayed; having done nothing wrong, she was being pricked while her father just let it all happen. I wonder if my perspective on the event was similar to God's perspective on watching people struggle on earth, even knowing that the suffering ultimately bears fruits.

Of course, Ellie's a resilient little one and was soon back to her normal cheerful self.