Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sports and shenanigans

JooYeon slowly progressed from watching an Indians ball on TV in Korea to a spring training game in Arizona to an Indians-Reds game in Cincinnati and was finally prepared (albeit nervous) for the real deal: an Indians game IN Cleveland at Progessive Field! It was a rainy evening, but that didn't dampen our spirits as we designed a sign in Korean and played some Rook to pass the time during the rain delay.

Aside from both teams stranding some runners, there wasn't much action until about the fifth inning when Sizemore hit a solo shot to put the Indians on the board. Then we eagerly hoped for the game to be called (which wasn't a huge hope considering the thunderstorm raging around us) so that the Indians would win, but we needn't have been so fickle. In the next inning, the Indians scored five more on an incredible rally and we were in good spirits...

Which was good, because JooYeon admitted she was quite afraid about what would happen with Dad if the Indians lost another game. Therefore, she was cheering loudly and even somehow attracted the cameras to us as we showed up on the big jumbotron in front of the stadium. After the big win, we stayed for one of the best displays of fireworks I've ever seen.

All the sports spectating made me antsy for some playing time so we called up the old gang (and a lot of new gang as well) and played some Ultimate frisbee at the park in West Liberty.

After three games or so, I started looking for JooYeon so we could go home and I couldn't find her. I ran all over the park, wondering if she had been the victim of some rare Asian abduction conspiracy, and finally found her... in the car (I swear I looked there first!)

After all that running (chasing a frisbee and then JooYeon), I was in the mood for some good food, so we ate out a couple times (on different days) with Mom and Dad - to the Mongolian Barbecue, an Amish restaurant, a new cafe in West Liberty, etc.

Finally, after only three months of searching, JooYeon and I found a perfect house. Three bedrooms, a kitchen, two baths, two stories - perhaps the only disadvantage was the small area of 50 square feet, but hey, our apartment in Korea was smaller than that!

Seriously though, our current favorites are Phoenix, Arizona, Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Dublin, Ohio in a distant third. We'll continue to mull over the decision as well as other big life choices throughout our next stage of travel - South America. Less than a week now!

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