Monday, July 7, 2008

Daily life on the honeymoon

Watching JooYeon always hard at work on translations...

Is very exhausting for me, so I make sure to get ample rest time throughout the day...
No, actually, we're in the slow months of the translation season right now, so we both have plenty of free time (and yes, mom, of course I help her with the translations!). But what exactly do we DO with all this free time, you may wonder... sure, it's nice to say that we're going on a one-year honeymoon, but how does that play out on a day to day basis? Especially considering our low budget, which is absolutely essential for a one-year honeymoon... Well, for starters, we just have general fun wherever we are - in parks, on walks, family conferences, riding in the car, shopping for cheap groceries, etc.
Other days are more cultural, like this trip to a recently opened pre-historic Native American archaeological site. In this picture, our friends Wes and Jenny are picking berries with us to experience life as it would have been for our ancestors (well, or for someone's ancestors rather)

Other times, we unwind in various ways like through reading, hot tubbing or yoga...

We often frequent events like picnics, or basically wherever we get invited to (the first picture is at Weston's aunt's house for a fish fry and the next one is at another relative's house by the river celebrating the fourth of July.)

JooYeon has been unanimously elected by both of us as the skin and fashion expert and so I'm sure that's probably harder work for her than translation, given her starting material (me, that is).

There are no "cruises" per se in our budget honeymoon, but we do jump at the chance for random flat boats passing by on local rivers...

And then there are ceremonies and festivals, some public, some private... here we are at a fourth of july display with a couple families we had recently met (look closely in the background - notice that the father of five kids is sleeping for some reason... I guess he's had too much translation too)

But of course, there are times when we DO spend money to enjoy some mainstream events like going to a dance club in Indianapolis (first picture) or chilling at a live blues club (next two pictures). However, we've noticed that holding ourselves to no or minimal alcohol levels drastically reduces the costs of such adventures.

Of course, as with any travels, there are not-so-pleasant times now and then. Such as a few days ago, when I was driving JooYeon and Wes' Dad around on some errands and barely made it to the parking lot and opened the door before spewing... (note: we took this picture because we thought the mulberry cobler vomit was an incredibly compatible color for the blue of our car and we wanted to remember it in case we ever want to detail Rocky)

This then led to my first try at an old Korean stomach remedy... finger puncture. She tightly wrapped both of my thumbs with thread to cut off the circulation and then pierced them below the nail with a sterilized needle. Apparently the blood that flows out is the "bad" blood or perhaps it somehow just alters the body's blood flow, but I thought I would give it a try...

Soon after, I was feeling better, which could have been coincidental, could have been my flu leaving, or maybe the puncture treatment, but secretly I believe it was JooYeon's loving care. So once again, a story with a happy ending!

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