Friday, December 30, 2016

Catching up!

It's doubtful that 2016 will be a record-breaking year for entries in this blog, but I did want to get at least one posted before that apple drops! This year has been an incredible year of changes -- Mom and Dad moving here to Harrisonburg, my math teaching job at EMU solidifying into a long-term position, Ellie starting pre-school, JooYeon building up social networks from scratch, Bob and Heather opening up their own dental clinic, among other things. I'll post some comments in between an assortment of photos from the last 18 months...

Katie and Ellie right before our move (about 20 months ago)

Finally, Anna is getting much more friend time with her cousins now that we all live in the same town.

Ellie is becoming fascinated with my work life -- which days I work, and which I don't. She gives me a lecture each morning with advice for what I should say to my students.

We've all been blessed by the opening of Bob's new dental practice. Having visited dentists in 5 countries, I can honestly say that he is by far the gentlest and knowledgeable dentist that I've ever seen!

The three girls were delighted to be part of my cousin Sarah's wedding this past summer.

Our first Christmas tree as a family (we're still dealing with 2015 pictures here though!)

These must be somewhat out of order -- this was back at the old house in Athens!

In addition to living near my parents and Heather's family, we also have the added treat of visiting Great Grandma every week or two since she lives just down the road! 98 years young, and she still loves teasing the girls. :)

JooYeon has a passion for visiting factories. This was one of our day trips to a factory -- Route 11 potato chips!

Now that we're back in the land where my father grew up, our distant relatives can be found around almost every corner. Here is Ellie with her third cousin Sylvia.

I spent a week teaching at MathPath on the Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

I guess you could call this girl Ellie's cousin too, since she is the daughter of my college roommate Kyle. Roommate cousins, once removed?

The Children's Museum of Harrisonburg has been one of JooYeon's favorite places to hang out with the girls and meet up with friends.

Lots of Grandma kissing going around now that they live only a four-minute walk from our house.

The library's the number two hotspot for JooYeon and the girls.

The Fall of 2015 was big for JooYeon in that she became a full-fledged citizen of the United States. It was a difficult decision for her to give up her Korean citizenship, but the ceremony itself was well planned and quite touching.

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