Friday, January 4, 2013

Rubber Ducky, You're the One

After things finished up at both of my schools, we headed North up to my parents' house. In addition to giving Ellie a new array of experiences (such as the sink bath above), I gave my first solo professional development workshop to a group of math teachers in Bellefontaine. I'm not big on public speaking, nor on listening to public speaking, so I built the day around activities and discussions. It was a wonderful group that made me eager to do similar workshops in the future.

Ellie, meanwhile, has been having a blast with her newfound laughter (of course, those around her are having just as much fun listening to her). It kind of reminds me of the "laughter disease" that Joo had while she was pregnant!

JooYeon helped Mom make some whoopie pies.

Followed by one of mom's colorful meal.

Dad was excited to introduce Ellie to ball, Rook, and basketball games.

I helped Dad act as one of the three wise men in a church's children story on finding water.

Mom was tireless at finding new ways to entertain Ellie, even allowing Ellie to help her pack.

Ellie was excited to unite with one of the two Ellies that she was named after.

Grandma Showalter was still as alert as ever, cleaning up the family Skipbo table with some amazing hands (at one point, holding nothing but Skipbos in her hand).

After returning from Virginia, we turned right around and boarded a flight for New Mexico - as before, Ellie showed her incredible travelling skills (even tolerating my bumbling attempts to change her poopy diaper in the tiny airplane bathroom- an ordeal that drew out much longer than it should have).

She was even wide awake when we arrived, and offered to drive our rental car out to Heather's place.