Monday, December 31, 2012

Back from Portland

Ellie met her cousins TeoGeom and HyeRin for the first time out in Portland. Jusu was trying to handle the new flood of responsibilities arising from a second child.

But she still had plenty of time to show some loving for her niece Ellie!

The ladies put vinegar on TeoGeom's pacifier so that he would stop sucking on it so much. I'm not quite sure what they put on Ellie's...

For both JooYeon and me, the biggest worry about her solo trip with Ellie was how she would handle the flights. As it turned out, she must be a traveller at heart because she loved it.

And had a family of hugs waiting for her upon her return to Ohio.

As soon as JooYeon and Ellie returned, we tried feeding her solids for the first time. One month later, it still seems to be something that she tolerates rather than enjoys, but she is getting some in her now.

Back in Athens, Ellie was doing more socializing than her daddy.

Her daddy, meanwhile, having wrapped up the semester, was catching up on some yard work. The task below was to uproot a bush that nearly took Ellie's eye out.