Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remedies for Excessive Studying

Needless to stay, I've had my head buried in the books for the past couple months, but I did want to at least post a small entry here mentioning three potential remedies for studyitis. The top one is the one I've used by far the most (and no, this has nothing to do with corporal punishment). When Joo told her mom that my back and neck muscles were getting quite sore from studying in the same position too long, her mom had the perfect solution in the mail within a day - suction therapy cups. The concept is quite simple - you invert the cups on any area of your body where you want to increase the blood flow as shown below and then let them flip out and latch on.

Then, you let them suck for about 20 minutes, pop them off and voila!

It looks painful, but it's more of a strange sensation - like giving a piggy-back ride to a scared octopus who is clinging as tightly as he can. And I can't argue with the results; my back and neck tension has decreased to an imperceptible level over the past month or two. Another interesting thing is that the suction cups no longer leave much of a mark anymore (the above pictures were taken when my capillaries were naive and inexperienced).

Of course, I mentioned three remedies for studyitis and the second is, of course, quality family time :) Especially when one has parents like this...

With Heather and Bob living in Ohio for a year, we've set a goal to try to get the whole family together once a month if possible. One of our first meetings was a black raspberry cooking contest out at the Harris household.

Joo and I whipped up some sweet potatoes with black raspberry sauce (unpictured for some reason), Heather and Bob made a pie (also not pictured, but I do have the delicious veggie stromboli Heather made)...

...and the winner for the most creative dish was Mom with her creation of an ice bowl with herbs to keep the fruit cold.

And the third remedy for excessive studying is taking an occasional step back to reflect and catch my breath before diving back into my studies. So, that's why I wrote this quick blog entry :) Now, back to Paul Cobb and his ideas on how to cope with multiple theoretical perspectives in mathematical education research - ta ta!

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  1. Hi Dan....
    It's really fun to read your life. I totally feel the same way of the suction cups which most of korean try.
    Happy New year.... from Kate