Monday, August 2, 2010

A Peaceful End to Year 1 in Athens

No, of course OU doesn't let out this late in the summer, nor did I take any summer classes, but I figured that if I'm going to be this negligent in my entries, I at least owe it to the readers to not skip anything major so I'll let this blog entry close up the remainder of the school year that had yet to be covered.

The picture above shows our hard work in creating a garden. Unfortunately the only thing edible that grew in the garden was a single tomato (1" in diameter) and some wild clover. But many lessons were learned (like don't put fresh cow manure straight on your garden).
Sometime in May, Athens held its culture festival which was a blast. The main street (Court) was closed down and people from all over the world set up shop with authentic native foods, crafts, and activities. Joo and I saw many of our friends including Micah and Ariel (shown below).

Having been rather devoid of socialization, we hosted an end-of-the-year party for a large group of math grad students. Here, Joe cuddles the CatchPhrase box after letting his team astray with his hand-waving and mention of the Bible (everyone thought it was a sling or perhaps David and Goliath, but Joe eventually revealed that he always waves his hands when he gets excited).

We took a trip home in the eye of the storm (right before finals week came crashing down and all papers were due/exams were scheduled). Gyu and Kiwi had brought us several Korean-women sun visors so we gave one to the Norviels. I think they'll eventually figure out the gender norms after Rick takes a few walks at the Lions Park.

We met Heather's boyfriend Bob for a second time, and gave the boys their first hotdog roast. Mom and Dad had fixed up the garden significantly to be an outdoor hangout area.

For a late birthday present, Mom enrolled me in the Cheez-it club where I would get a box of cheez-its every month for a year. I thought it was a great marketing idea. For three months. Until I finally realized it was a joke and Mom was just buying me Cheez-its every month. Apparently everyone else figured it out right away as Joo looked at me in concern and said, "I thought that was obvious!"

Kiwi, on the other hand, caught his joke right away as Mom gave him a personalized birthday card which depicted his dual-personality as a Party Animal and a Thinker.

It's actually not a surprise he understood the English on the card considering how much he's been studying lately:

Following Rick's masculinist (is that the male equivalent of a feminist?) example, I got some good use out of the Korean-women visors for cramming for my finals on the front porch.

Gyu used his to sun-bathe...

We enjoyed a visit from Ben Shank and his girlfriend Sarah for an evening. We celebrated with some dancing and snacks to an old-time bluegrass band, preceded by a couple intense games of Kub.

That brings us up to finals week which both Joo (yes, she took her first final!) and I pulled through unscathed. More to come, including Joo's two-week trip to LA and our one-month summer trip up through Canada!

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