Friday, February 26, 2010

Joo Yeon and Yeon-ah win an Olympic Gold!!!

Kim Joo Yeon and Kim Yeon-ah competed together on a figure skating team recently in Vancouver, Canada. If you have been reading the press, you probably are only aware of Kim Yeon-ah's involvement (or Kim Yuna depending upon the transliteration of the media source you use). However, Joo Yeon was a significant emotional contributer as can be seen in the following picture taken seconds after Kim Yeon-ah finished her free skating routine (and essentially clinching the gold by smashing the world record).

This week, Joo had to take a battery of entrance exams for enrolling in her first college class in the US and I noticed she was extremely nervous. However, apparently, the nerves had nothing to do with her own tests, but rather the fate of Kim Yeon-ah as she skated her short program on Tuesday and the long program yesterday. It was a culmination of years of admiration for Kim Yeon-ah's character and skating talents, and a fierce national pride that I think it would be hard for people living in a country of 300 million to quite understand. Anyways, congratulations Joo Yeon and Yeon-ah and the next blog is footsteps away!!


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