Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rainy Evening

Can you spot the two beautiful things in the picture above? This was taken right after some fierce rains flooded the area...

After finishing up my entire OU application and mailing in my Wesleyan one, my final task before diving full-on into the waiting process was my final interview (the fourth and final stage) with Teach for America. I was told to look professional, which isn't the clearest instruction for a fashion-bungled young chap like myself...

...but luckily I have a wife now to help me make all those difficult early-morning fashion choices!

It was the longest interview I've ever been to and included delivering a lesson, participating in a group project, taking a test, writing an essay, solving some problems, all capped off with a final hour-long interview. That said, it was quite an enjoyable time - there were 10 other applicants and two interviewers all with a passion for education. The next day, Joo and I celebrated by playing some frisbee golf with my friend Jordan...

We've been trying to do a lot more making of our own food so we can have control over the ingredients that go inside. One example is bread. We are already at a point where the taste and health level is quite satisfying, but we still need to work a bit on the shape...

In other news, Dad had a birthday. Apparently, he was cheated out of some barnyard animals years and years ago as a child and has never forgot that scarred memory; therefore, we organized a barnyard theme and gave him all the animals he could want!

Joo, who is getting increasingly adept at computer graphics in her free time, changed my parents into cartoon characters and made a pair of couple shirts for them in addition to making a Cleveland Indians pillow for Dad.


  1. I don't think the shape of the bread (which looks like it tastes divine) needs any alteration!
    I certainly hope you guys made some for your Dad. Yummy in the tummy and then loads of giggles trying to decide which barnyard animal it is. Like accidental art!
    It can be a game like "What does that cloud look like?"

  2. Great point Becky! You'll have to be our first guest speaker in our positivity circle (see most recent blog) ;)