Monday, November 3, 2008

A final tribute to BA

As we are on the brink of leaving this wonderful city of Buenos Aires, I thought it would be appropriate to have a little tribute here. From the junkyard gators (above) to the wiener buses (below), there always seems to be something to feast our eyes on...

It's a very convenient city, with supermarkets on every block, an extensive metro ranging from free to a quarter per ride, and one of the few places where you can pick up a bottle of gourmet wine while filling up your car with gas!

Speaking of driving, I'm glad I don't here because the traffic gets a bit hectic and the road signs don't exactly send the clearest messages...
When we first came, there were some drummers in the street every now and then, but it has slowly built up to the point where there are daily parades of a hundred people either dancing or drumming as they frolick the streets of San Telmo.

I mentioned this early on, but just to reiterate... the people. More specifically, the way they gregariously approach us with a deluge of conversation... (Can you tell that Joo and I are starting to prepare for the vocabulary section of entrance exams? :) This lady and her son have started a fresh jam and tea business and she kept gushing over JooYeon and how she thought Koreans were just the best people in the world...

...and the architecture, inside and out. Here we are at Ateneos which was rightfully ranked as one of the top five most beautiful bookstores in the world (I couldn't quite capture the grandeur of the place with it's painted vault ceiling, the live music coffee area behind the enormous curtains, the unending sea of literature...)

Buenos Aires is a city of boldness and extravagence, even unto death. One of the most famous places is the Recoleta cemetary wherein miniature streets of miniature houses (sarcophagi? Not exactly sure of the correct term) shelter the bodies of the rich and famous (including Evita for one). The mime at one of the entrances set the tone...

And so it is with fulfilled hearts and a fond pool of memories that Joo and I bid "ciao ciao!" to Kristophe's apartment and jump on an overnight bus to Mendoza tomorrow.


  1. I think if the "miniture houses" shelter several members of a family they are called a masoleum. Not sure what they're called if there's only one corpse per house.

  2. Joo you look so good in that Indians shirt! -Dennis

  3. Go Tribe!!! I can't wait to go to another game together, it was so much fun! -Joo