Sunday, October 12, 2008

The sun'll come out... tomorrow...

My hours of studying are getting me ready to be a teacher (or student) again, as I work hard on losing my hair (since everyone knows that bald teachers are scarier!) The options are beginning to narrow down as I explore more and more and discuss with past math professors and prospective employers/grad schools. It's been quite an adventure to dive back into academia and I have to admit I really like studying the math again. As things stand now, Arizona and Ohio are appearing to be the top two choices for our new residence (Virginia slipped one to number three and Pennsylvania and Indiana have made occasional surges before retiring back at fourth and fifth.) Which is exciting because I haven't lived near immediate family in six years and Ohio would place us near my parents while Arizona would be by Heather!

This is the cat that guards over the computer room where we've been spending a lot of time lately. The owner is a very kind balding (but not too scary) man who loves to abruptly belt out choruses of famous Latino ballads at the top of his lungs. At other times we simply stay in our hostel and sip maté while I study and Joo researches her next move.

I saw a newspaper today that had me laughing... remember my entry "No hay monedas" where I was commenting on the shortage of coins in Buenos Aires? Well, the newspaper headlines read, "Subtes gratis por falta de monedas" (Subways free for lack of coins). And it's true! Joo and I have already ridden for free several times now simply because the person at the window is unable to give any change... can't beat those transportation prices!

Joo has also made a new friend... Florencia. Their relationship is quite comical to me... for example, in this picture Florencia picked up a travel guide written in Arabic characters and asked Joo to read it to her. Joo communicated in Spanish that she didn't know that language. Florencia didn't skip a beat before saying, "Yes you can; You're Chinese!" And to make the whole thing even funnier, JooYeon quickly obliged by making up a nonsense language to read to Florencia, who was quite satisfied. Joo also dipped into our Love fund to get a cute little hairband for Florencia since her hair was always getting in her eyes.

The big news (for us) is that we FINALLY get to move back into our beloved apartment tomorrow... Joo has been jumping around with excitement all day as I sing renditions of "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie. We'll be there about two and a half weeks before heading west for Mendoza (the vineyards of Argentinia) and onto Santiago, Chile where I'll take my Math GREs.

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  1. It was a bad day, but hearing that AZ is still among the top selections brings tears of joy to my eyes. Joo, we can learn Arabic together if you move here someday :). Love you both, HS