Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quick . . . and relaxed.

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Although Joo's interests have evolved somewhat, she continues to churn out the culinary delights every day. :) We have danced back and forth with vegetarianism over the past few years, but we recently made a brief attempt at veganism (or, at least, cutting out dairy). It turned out to be a tad too extreme for us, but it did feel nicer after the meals to not feel so heavy (we're normally cheesaholics).


Two Daniels, at Korean night.

Joo and Junu's dad at Daniel's 돌 (first birthday party).

Not Daniel.

But wants to be Daniel.

Daniel and friends.

Daniel and parents.

Daniel's not in the lion's den. Daniel is the lion.

Sinning to honor thy father and thy mother.

(Sydney's Sinful Sundae for Dad)

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