Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bye Bye Love

I said my goodbyes to JooYeon at the Columbus airport (in this case, the goodbyes really were plural; her flight got delayed 25 hours and so I came back, stayed with her in a hotel, and then said another goodbye the next morning). After that, I headed westward towards Indiana where I settled in with the Stricklers for a few days.

Their garden was thriving... and even moving. A few weeks before my visit, they had come across a sale on chickens at Lowes and so they picked up half a dozen. They wanted them to be free range and that's exactly what the chickens were doing when I arrived (no fences, no boundaries, just strutting around).

Weston petitioned me for the fist-a-cut that we had used regularly when travelling India. Basically, I just grab hair all over the head and cut off anything that extends beyond my fist. I forgot to take an After picture, but there are some pictures below with Wes in them so that you can see the results.

In addition to the chickens, the Stricklers had won a new pool in a local contest. It was quite a funny story (better told by Wes) as he had been planning a proposal for Jenny on the day he won the pool. He was so focused on working out the details, that he just responded to the radio announcer by saying distractedly, "Oh cool. A pool. Thanks." The announcer was shocked and said, "Aren't you excited??? You just won a pool!!!" Wes just responded, "Yeah, that's neat."

I visited Jenny's new yoga studio for a session which reminded me about ways in which my body simply does not seem to bend.

We also paid a visit to the Kokomo farmer's market, where Wes, Jenny, and I all read a bit of poetry as part of the morning's entertainment. The short video clip of the poem I read (which had actually been written by Tammy) can be found HERE if you want to watch.

Grandma and Grandpa Hensler (sp?) were preparing for their 63rd wedding anniversary and so Grandpa read a few poems of his own, including a sweet love poem to his wife.

Brandi, a friend of Wes and Jenny, had us over for a seafood grillout (shrimp pasta, bruschetta, and salmon cooked over a small bonfire).

Not content to simply "Go round the mulberry bush," I devoured its berries as they were in full bloom during our visit.

Apologies for the brevity of this entry; I'm trying to get something uploaded despite lack of time so that Joo can at least have a few pictures of what has been going on here!

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