Monday, December 1, 2008

Panama... the in-betweenie place

Panama always seems to be best known for its linkage in-between Central and South America, making it ideal for the canal location. And ironically enough, that's exactly what it was for us as well. We were catching our breath, relieved to have survivied the final Colombia ordeal and gearing up for our 16-hour bus ride journey to where we would meet Heather. That said, you can still get quite a general sense of a country in three days.

Joo described Panama City as the "same as the L.A. ghetto we were in, but spread all over the city." We did have a nice stay at an all-out youth hostel, which I thought would be a bit overwhelming for Joo, but it turned out that she loved it.

By "all-out" I mean it was very packed with travellers... we shared a skinny top-bunk in a room with about 16 other travellers and spent most of our time in the social lounge, kitchen, or balcony conversing with various people, most notably a delightful Basque girl (Joo was amazed to find out there was another little country sandwiched in-between Spain and France that she had never heard about). One nice thing about Panama City was the colorful buildings...

The local crafts and coffee were also splendid and energized us for our journey up to our final country... Costa Rica.


  1. Those colorful buildings are often typical of latin american countries. Did you see any hummingbirds in the cloud forest? Mom

  2. I saw many (crafts ones), but Daniel didn't let me buy them!!! Joo